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Stop. Look.

Listen. LEAD!

We’re global and local...nearby and worldwide. We navigate a path that joins new and traditional media. We step out with proven methods and startlingly different strategies.


very journey begins with the first step. Actually, there are five. A complete understanding of where you are going starts with asking where you want to be – Who, What, When, Where, Why? When you look into Zebra Crossing, you come to the final step: Wow! Your path just intersected with success.

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Let Zebra Crossing handle your digital marketing, branding, Strategy, and social so you focus on.

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An advertising agency

The purpose is the promise: to get your message seen and heard. But the strategy is written to your specific challenges and individual needs, matched to your budget and your marketing requirements as you strive to surpass your goals.

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A Marketing Firm

It is not enough to know your strengths. We can help you mitigate perceptions, focus on your advantages, and create new customers. Zebra Crossing works with you to identify opportunities and new avenues to growth.

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A Branding Company

What does your customer think about you? What do you want them to think? How can perceptions be sharpened to identify your company as the best solution to customers’ needs? Branding can give you better agility in answering those questions and shaping name awareness.

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